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  • Hyphensation templates: {{ hws | mas | masterdom }} and {{ hwe | terdom | masterdom }}
  • Poem format:

"I am without mirth, without the chase, without music,
     Amidst the monks and clerics;
     Ever groaning and tearfully weeping,
     Begging the shelter of the mean clergy.


"Oft have I seen one feast alone

     In the dwelling of the King of the Fenians,
     Better than all that Patrick ever had
     Or the whole body of the psalm-clerics."

  • A Compendium of Irish Biography reference template ranges:

{{IrishBio ref|page=614|ref=1-34}}
{{IrishBio ref|page=615|ref=33*-73}}
{{IrishBio ref|page=616|ref=74-112}}
{{IrishBio ref|page=617|ref=113-157}}
{{IrishBio ref|page=618|ref=158-196*}}
{{IrishBio ref|page=619|ref=197-229†}}
{{IrishBio ref|page=620|ref=229‡-275}}
{{IrishBio ref|page=621|ref=276-318}}
{{IrishBio ref|page=622|ref=319-350}}


Transclusion template:

 |article= Last, First
 |previous= Last, First
 |next= Last, First
 |contributor = DNB article author
 |wikipedia = 
 |volume = 
 |section= Last, First

DNB index

 {{DNB indexes}}