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January 2013

Short works (8 completed)

I'd been an editor on Wikipedia, a reader at Project Gutenberg for quite a few years, and had joined Distributed Proofreaders a while before I found out what Wikisource really was (I'd noticed the name, but sort of assumed it was just for citation, with no idea of its real purpose or scope). The Wiki model works brilliantly for proofreading, and seems to allow the whole thing to work in a much more relaxed way.


I'm interested in a few projects, some of which I've started, others are in the pipeline (though I'm well aware of the possible curse of their never being finished I may be putting on them by listing them here!)

  • Find and add other translations of Johann Karl August Musäus‎' "Stumme Liebe".
  • Add Mary Shelley's "On Ghosts" from The London Magazine, vol 9, March 1824, pp.253–256.
  • Add the Shelleys' History of a Six Weeks' Tour.
  • Add Shelley's On "Frankenstein" and other contemporary reviews of the Lake Geneva ghost stories.
  • Make a portal for the ghost stories of Lake Geneva.
  • Migrate Mazeppa to a djvu of the first edition, including the fragment of a vampire story he tried to write.
  • Make Author:John William Polidori and transcribe The Vampyre.
  • Add Jane and Anna-Maria Porter's Tales Round a Winter Hearth.
  • Add Bell's Weekly Messenger article that inspired "Jeannie Halliday" in Tales Round a Winter Hearth.
  • Add the works of Edward Vernon Utterson, especially the introductions and prefaces, to try to gain an insight into his mind.
  • Standardise the Folk-lore series of books, with a single set of drop initial pictures (perhaps using a Folk-lore specific drop initial template to simplify things).
  • Work on completing the Bible project, using transclusion and a move towards sourcing for each version. Once done, make a standard template for linking to any Bible book, chapter or verse, both here and on Wikipedia.