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Digitized texts for inclusion in Wikisource can be found in a number of online resources. While the most well-known is Project Gutenberg [1], many other text repositories exist which carry different kinds of texts than what would normally be found at Gutenberg. The following is a list of text databases, organized according to what the majority of their content falls under.

Note: Not all of the texts on the following databases are in the public domain. Anything published before 1923 is automatically no longer protected under copyright. For any work published later, it is up to the contributor to establish and indicate that the text is in fact in the public domain. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

General databases[edit]



  • Making of America - number of sources covering American social history during the antebellum through reconstruction era; focus heavy on education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology.
  • American Memory - A collection of documents concerning United States presidents and the eras in which they served.
  • Early Church Fathers - A collection of PD books containing PD tranlations of early Christian theologians and leaders
  • Thomas Jefferson document archive


A usergroup, the Book People Mailing List [2] is also associated with this site, and is worth signing up to as it has much news and comment about the world of E-books, including material about scanning, digitisition, and OCRing techniques. There are sometimes discussions about copyright and public domain. It also has a weekly digest of new texts on Project Gutenberg.

The Centre for History and New Media at George Mason University [3] has much material about placing historical recources in the Web, including scanning and OCRing. The book Digital History: a guide to gathering, preserving and presenting the past on the web (2005) is available for download, as are a number of useful essays.


Newspaper archives[edit]

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