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Please leave me notes at my_Hebrew_TalkPage.

I'll only be visiting my talk page here once in a blue moon, when I add [[he:xxx]] links to things here or continue uploading/proofreading one of the Jewish religious texts here, so please don't leave me notes here. -- Nevuchadnezzar 01:15, 13 September 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Unicode fonts[edit]

Hi Nevu!

Based on comments you made in Hebrew, and on the issue of "boxes" here, it seems that there are two different issues going on here:

  • The nikkud bug. This seems to affect me (Win98) but not you. So you can read text with nikkud and check if it looks good.
  • Cantillation notes: Despite the pain in the neck with nikkud, I can view cantillation notes on my computer with no problem. And I've looked from other, more up-to-date systems, where the verses with nikkud+trop appear beautifully! The fact that you see cantillation notes, plus other Unicode characters such as h-with-dot as "boxes" simply means that either the unicode on your system is not up-to-date, or that you simply have to choose to "View" unicode when you view web pages.

So try playing around to see what you can view. There are no "boxes" :-).Dovi 06:33, 14 September 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

My encoding defaults to "Unicode - Utf-8" on Wiki pages. I can't see any other type of Unicode encodings in my "View / encoding" menu. I use the latest and most up-to-date versions & updates of my OS and browser, so I have no idea what the problem is. Perhaps I'll ask at the Scriptorium. -- Nevuchadnezzar 10:22, 14 September 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

email notifications[edit]

Hi, after a proposal to enable email notification, Wikisource can now notify you of any changes to pages on your watchlist and/or changes to your talk page. In order to take advantage of these features, you need to enabled them in your Special:Preferences. --John Vandenberg (chat) 11:06, 18 April 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]