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Chapter header template idea[edit]

I like your idea of using a template. I'll get on it. --Droll 20:16, 10 December 2005 (UTC)

Question and Suggestion[edit]

Hello, I have been reading more about the function of Wikisource. I was trying to think of a way to expand its information. I noticed that it is called the "Free Library" on the main page. To the point, wouldn't you find lyrics of songs in Wikisource, if so, I believe that they should be written. J.Steinbock (Discussion Page)

Would you find summations and overviews about certain books on Wikisource? For instance, one would outline the plot, characters, and symbolism. If you do not quite understand my suggestion. It is similar to Spark Notes.

-- J.Steinbock (Discussion Page)

Chapter header template[edit]

OK! I wrote a template. Go here to see it. If we could get the calc and add templates from meta.wikimedia then I could fix the template so that the user would only have to enter the current chapter number. Use this link and in the section on Simple computations you'll find information on what I'm blathering about. --Droll 01:10, 11 December 2005 (UTC)

I updated the information and came up with a simpler implementation. Look here


I like your work on the chap template. I copied your version into template:chap and cleaned it up a little. Take a look. I think it would be a good to keep the chap_simple template for none conforming works. Perhaps it should not be advertised.
I changed the implementation of Book. This is the last chapter of Book 1. The next chapter is in Book 2. I don't like it. Perhaps multi book works is a case for template:chap_simple.
Little Dorrit
by Charles Dickens

A alpha attempt at documentation is at User talk:Droll/Template:chap.
Perhaps you could delete this pages
Template:chap_test (if your want - its yours)
User talk:Droll: Template:chap moved to "User talk:Droll/Template:chap".

New Project[edit]

I started a new project called The Librarian Project. I am informing you because I have recognized you as a prominent member on Wikiosource. It is mainly based on anaylizing the works and information that have been placed in Wikisource to determine if they have violated any rules or regulation, need improvement, and other factors that adversely affect the article. It is also about expanding what information and works we currently have.

Project: The Librarian Project

-- J.Steinbock (Discussion Page)

Thank You For Voting[edit]

Thank you for voting in the elections. I will follow your advice.

-- J.Steinbock

Wanted Pages[edit]

I was looking through the Special Pages today and in Wanted Pages all the Wikipedia links show up. Where should this be reported?--BirgitteSB 19:20, 14 December 2005 (UTC)

New Welcome Message[edit]

I have made the new welcome template available for use. Although, if you were to access the page, it would look as if it were addressed to Welcome, indicated by {{PAGENAME}} and it was from myself, by using ~~~. However, this is not the case. If you have any alterations you would like to perform, please do. Thank you

With Regards, J.Steinbock Discussion Page

Sisterprojects of Wikipedia[edit]

I had an idea to renovate this template. However, I was not certain if it was applicable to modification, for it appears on the main page. It is not protected, so I assume not, but I would feel more comfortable if I had asked you first.

Discussion Page

Still working on the template[edit]

I've been working on template chap some more and decided that it was too complicated. So I simplified it. You can see the new documentation attempt at here. I'm thinking about writing a note about "common look and feel" and mentioning the template in the Scriptorium tomorrow. I'm thinking about not recommending the template chapter_page because text has to wrap around it. This I find visually displeasing sometimes; especially on poetry pages. What do you think. --Droll 00:14, 16 December 2005 (UTC)

Help Page[edit]

This page should be renovated. I would be interesting in making it more comprehensive if you wish.


Naming conventions[edit]

I understand your comment but I have some thoughts that need to be considered. First, I believe these poems were published as collections and that is the way they appear on other sites. Second, there are currently five poems on Wikisourse by the name of L'Envoi, three of them are by Robert W. Service. There is a disambiguation page for L'Envoi however. This is while Wikisourse is still in it's infancy. Since each page needs a unique name it seems to me that since the author associated a poem with a certain collection that the best unique name includes both the name of the collection and the poem. I think we need a consensus on this. We need a convention that will allow Wikisourse to grow in an unlimited way but that is still easy to use by first timers.

What started me naming poetry pages the way I have is because of the problem I found with the poem L'Envoi mentioned above. The link on Robert W. Service's page linked to a poem that was not even by him. At least when the contributor gives each poem a unique name and one that is likely to continue to be unique then that contributor can at least make sure that the link from the author's page is correct. Notice that I have listed a number of this author's best known poems on the author's page.

Consider that when you search on a key in Google your search key might be perfectly correct and yet find thousands of hits only one of which will be correct. Wikisourse will in the future have the same problem. A user might search on the key L'Envoi an get a hundred or so results all of which are valid. This a common problem on information systems. It's the name space problem. It is seldom solved by using simple page names and then just using a directory search. It is solved often by a meta data approach as you might know. If you use the "Go" button under the search text entry block on a wiki page it seems to just search page names and that's simple and useful. if, however, you use the "Search" button on a key like "L'Envoy" you will find every poem by Robert W. Service titled L'Envoy and even find a page named The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon/L'Envoy by Author:Washington Irving. Please do not take this personally, it is meant to be constructive and for the good of the project. There is another chapter in this work named Christmas which you contributed. If you enter the word "Christmas" in the search text entry window and click on "Go" this is the page you will be directed to. That's not very helpful. I'm sure this is one example of many similar situations that either do or will exit on the site.

I'm spending this much time because I consider this to be a critical issue in the growth of the project and should have a consensus solution. The solution that is arrived at will be unique to this project. What worked on Wikipedia might not work here.

Sorry to be so wordy. I'll stop now.

By the way the authors name is Robert W. Service the authors page on Wikisourse is author:Robert Service

--Droll 06:19, 18 December 2005 (UTC)

Sorry. I'm not sure after looking closer who was the original contributor of Sketchbook --Droll 20:42, 18 December 2005 (UTC)


Is this accepted practice? Lewis Libby I'm seeing a fair bit of those sort of thing. I AFD'd a page on Jesus like this earlier. It seems like a different namespace would be useful for mini-portals of this sort.

Also, do we take straight geneology? Ocey Snead Couldn't find any mention of the issue. Thanks. Wolf man 06:16, 18 December 2005 (UTC)

Thanks. I think perhaps what it needs is a category; I'm sure there will be more about Mr. Libby. I raised the issue in Deletions about Jesus; so there may be some further comments there eventually. Wolf man 00:27, 19 December 2005 (UTC)


Please delete Just So Stories: Chapter 1. It was a mistake. --Droll 00:57, 19 December 2005 (UTC)


I've been investing some time in learning javascript, inspired by En-Dum-En's wizadry. My hope is to make some of the more tedious work around here easier for everyone. As a test, I set up a script for myself that will do the following:

  • add common categories
  • add common templates
  • add copyright and deletion notices
    • also fill in the specifics at the 'request' page with the same tab click
  • welcome everyone in the new user log at once
  • welcome individual users
    • planned: automatically change all html characters codes to glyphs (as in the edit insert bar).

Those fulfill most of my needs at present. However, I'm trying to set up a flexible framework so that I can easily 'plug-in' modules to suit anyone's needs. As an example of the end-user framework, see User:Wolfman_test_account/monobook.js which allows a user to welcome everyone at once.

Do you have any particularly tedious tasks that could in principle be automated with the click of a tab button? I'm looking for a few more test cases so that I can debug the framework I'm setting up.

You're welcome to use them; I'm hoping people do. But, at the moment, my main monobook.js is not necessarily fit to be copied, as I've been experimenting on it. What I'm planning to do is have provide a set of modules that people can add or remove with a single line in their own monobook.js files. The main code would be hosted in a common place -- my user subpages at the moment. I'll probably be finished setting up a good test framework by tomorrow, and I'd be delighted if people would try it out and give me feedback or requests. I'll drop you a note when the development is a bit more stable, hopefully tomorrow.
Of course, you may want to make full copies of the main code for yourself so that you can tweak it — which you are also welcome to do.Wolf man 22:56, 19 December 2005 (UTC)


hi Zhaladshar. Many thanks for your vote, I hope it will help. I do not know when this extension will be available, though. For the moment, no developper wants to review it. ThomasV 17:09, 20 December 2005 (UTC)

Collections of works[edit]

As a compromise I would be willing to create redirect to the poems while the page names remain the way I created them. --Droll 19:12, 20 December 2005 (UTC)

Clearing slight modification[edit]

Hi. In my cleanup of the main page I also just updated the links to still useful pages at and changed them to oldwikisource:.

In the past, you inserted line breaks there. Was there an important reason for that? On my browser (Firefox) it doesn't look so good with the line breaks because some of them come out below the picture of the gent on the ladder. I therefore took them out. However, if there is an important reason to have them there please feel free to put them back.Dovi 10:51, 21 December 2005 (UTC)

Multi-language WS[edit]

I have been looking for bad links at Wikipedia to fix. Hoping to stem the tide of people adding foriegn works here. I was trying to fix one that supposed to link to a hungarian page, but they do not have a lang subdomain? Is there a language code for the Multi-lang Wikisource that I could use in a template?--BirgitteSB 18:27, 24 December 2005 (UTC)

Little Women[edit]

Please take Little Women off the main page. I got a bad source and I'm going to have replace the whole book. Sorry. --Droll 05:45, 26 December 2005 (UTC)


Hi. Sorry about that, it was my mistake:-(. I will sort it when I have sussed out how to do it. Its part of Men of Invention and Industry. Apwoolrich 08:22, 30 December 2005 (UTC)

Moved it to Men of Invention and Industry: Preface. Hope this is right. Apwoolrich 08:38, 30 December 2005 (UTC)