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To D. M. Ladd, Assistant to the Director, Number 3, at the FBI.

3640380Venona: FBI Documents of Historic Interest — Fletcher Memorandum to Ladd: October 18, 1949Howard B. Fletcher


DATE: October 18, 194

FROM : MR. H. B. Fletcher

Mr. Reynolds, in a recent conference with General C. W. Clarke, inquired as to the apparent concern of Genera Clarke regarding the dissemination of  (S) material to the Central Intelligence Agency.

General Clarke stated that when Admiral Stone took over in charge of all cryptanalytical work he was very much disturbed to learn of the progress made by the Army Security Agency in reading  (S) material. Admiral Stone took the attitude that the President and Admiral Hillenkoettar should be advised as to the contents of all these messages. General Clarke stated that he vehemently disagreed with Admiral Stone and advised the Admiral that he believed the only people entitled to know anything about the source were  (S) and the FBI. We stated that the disagreement between Admiral Stone and himself culminated in a conference with General Bradley. General Bradley, according to General Clarke, agreed with the stand taken by General Clarke and stated that he would personally assume the responsibility of advising the President or anyone else in authority if the contents of any of this material so demanded. General Bradley adopted the attitude and agreed with General Clarke that all of the material should be made available to  (S) and the FBI.

General Clarke stated the reason that he recently called upon you was for the purpose of informing you as to the difference of opinion between himself and Admiral Stone and to acquaint you with the opinion of General Bradley. He stated that he wanted to be certain that the Bureau was aware of this and to make sure that the Bureau does not handle the material in such a way that Admiral Hillenkoetter or anyone else outside the Army Security Agency,   and the Bureau are aware of the contents of these messages and the activity being conducted at Arlington Hall.

Major General Irwin recently advised Mr. Reynolds in connection with this matter and confirmed in toto the remarks previously made by General Clarke. General Irwin commented, however, that General Clarke is of the opinion that Admiral Stone has already orally advised Admiral Hillenkoetter as to this activity.


It is believe that the individuals in the Bureau handling   material should be acquainted with the developments in this matter in order to make absolutely certain that the Bureau does not disclose to nay unauthorized organization or individual any information dealing with   material.

The confidential nature of   material will be reemphasized at Section conferences of the Security Division during the present week. HBF


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