Wae's me for Prince Charlie (2)/Billy O'Rourke

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Wae's me for Prince Charlie (2)  (1850s) 
Billy O'Rourke

Billy O’ Rourke.

I greased my brogues and cut my stick,
at the la ter end of May sir,
And off for Dublin I set out.
to sail upon the sea sir:
Then next to England I would go;
to reap the hay and corn sir,
To leavefold Ireland far behind.
the place where I was born sir.
With my shillelah coh,
and my heart so true.
Oh Billy O’ Rourke’s the bay sir.

I paid the captain six thirteens,
to carry me over to Margate
Before we got half over the waves,
it blew at o hell of a hard rate,
The great big stick that grew cut of the ship
began to roar and whistle
And the sailors all both great and small,
cries, Pat you will go to the devil,
with my, &c

Some fell upon their bended knees,
the ladies fell a fainting
But fell to my bread and cheese,
for I always mind the main thing.
Says the sailors to the bottom you’ll go,
says I — I dont card a farthing.
For I paid my passage to Pargate you know,
and be dommed but I’ll stick an my bargain.
with my &c.

The wind did whistle some to sleep,
till we got to the place of landing,
And these that were the most afraid,
were out the ladiss handing,
Says I your clothes feel mighty droll,
you surely must have riches,
And for your heart it dont lie in the right part,
it surely must lie in your breeches.
with my &c,

Then for London I set out,
and going along ths road sir,
I met an honest gentleman
who proved to be a rouge sir.
He cocked a pistol to my head,
close to my very mouth sir.
Saying—Paddy my boy I d have you be smart,
in handing out your money, sir
with my &c.

Oh have you patience honest gentleman,
and hear me speak a word sir,
for two-pence is all the money I've got
to carry me many a mile sir
He said no longer he would wait,
his patience I had fairly tired,
His pan it flashed his brains I smashed.
with my shillelah that never missed fire.
with my &c.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.