Weird Tales/Volume 9/Issue 3/The Specter

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The Specter


I dwell alone, behind the stone,
In the Shadow’s grisly gloom;
My watch I keep when flesh-folk sleep,
Before Grohrishou’s tomb.
At dank midnight in sulfur light
My pallid shape I show;
And those that see, in terror flee,
Nor ever respite know.
I glide among the staring throng
Of gravestones in the dark,
For here I reign; ’tis my domain,
This ghoulish Dead Men’s Park.
And in the rooms of ghastly tombs
I rattle dead men’s bones;
My shrieking laughs ’neath epitaphs
Are heard ’mid sighs and groans,
In every storm I show my form,
The timids’ blood to freeze;
I haunt their halls, their ruined walls;
I leer from out the trees.
I live alone behind the stone,
Whose gray top reeks with gore;
Each thing that runs my presence shuns—
Alone forevermore!