Wellington's letter to Davoust, 1 July 1815

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Wellington's letter to Davoust, 1 July  (1815) 
by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

A reply to Davous's letter to Wellington and Blücher, 30 June 1815

Headquarters, July 1, 1815—10 a.m.

Monsieur le Marshal,

I have just received your Excellency's letter of the 30th June, in which your Excellency communicates to me the intelligence you have received of an Armistice having been concluded by General Frimont with Marshal the Duke of Albufera.

I have already made known, in writing, to the French Commissioners sent to the Allied Powers, and verbally, to the Commissioners sent to me, the reasons which have prevented me from suspending my operations; which reasons, I have cause to believe, are fully adopted by the Allies of my Sovereign, and of those whose Armies I have the honour of commanding.

I have every wish to prevent the further effusion of the blood of the brave troops under my command; but it must be upon the conditions which shall secure the re-establishment and the stability of the General Peace.

I have the honour to be, &c.,