What is the benefit of our arrival and departure?

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What is the benefit of our arrival and departure?
by Omar Khayyám of Nishapur, translated by Dmitri Smirnov

From The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Тranslation by Dmitri Smirnov from the Russian literal translation by Guzel Samarina, see the source.

The original text in Persian (Farsi)

 * * *

What is the benefit of our arrival and departure?
If our life is the basis of the cloth, where is the weft?
Present righteous men in the fiery chariot
Will be burnt down and they will become ashes, but where is the smoke?

Pronunciation of the original text:

Az āmadan-o raftan-e mā sud-i ku?
Va-z tār-e vojud-e bud-e mā pud-i ku?
Az ātesh-e charkh cheshmān-e vojud
Misuzad-o khāk mishaved, dud-i ku?

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