When It Was Dark

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When It Was Dark  (1904) 
by Guy Thorne

When It Was Dark

The Story of a Great Conspiracy


Guy Thorne

G. P. Putnam's Sons
New York and London
The Knickerbocker Press

Copyright, 1904


Published. January, 1904; Reprinted, May, 1904;

September, 1904; Decembert 1904; Septem-
ber, 1905; October, 1905; November, 1905;
January, 1906; August, 1906; November,

1906; June, 1908; October, 1909

The Knickerbocker Press, New York


Chapter. Page
I. An Incident by Way of Prologue 1
II. In the Vicar's Study 6
III. "I Think he Is a Good Man" 23
IV. The Smoke Cloud at Dawn 33
V. A Lost Soul 45
VI. The Whisper 56
VII. Last Words at Walktown 69
VIII. A Dinner at the Pannier d'Or 77
IX. Inauguration 95
X. The Resurrection Sermon 107
XI. "Neither do I Condemn thee" 116
XII. Powers of Good and Evil 126

I. While London was Sleeping 141
II. Avoiding the Flower Pattern on the Carpet 165
III. "I, Joseph" 178
IV. The Domestic Chaplain's Testimony 184
V. Deus, Deus Meus, Quare Dereliquisti! 194
VI. Harness the Horses; and Get up, ye Horsemen, and Stand forth with your Helmets, Furbish the Spears, and Put on the Brigandines.—Jer. xlvi:4 205
VII. The Hour of Chaos 212
VIII. The First Links 225
IX. Particular Instances, Contrasting the Old Lady and the Special Correspondent 233
X. The Triumph of Sir Robert Llwellyn 245
XI. Progress 256
XII. A Soul alone on the Sea-Shore 262

I. What it Meant to the World's Women 271
II. Cyril Hands Redux 283
III. All ye Inhabitants of the World, and Dwellers on the Earth, See ye, when He Lifteth up an Ensign on the Mountains.—Is. xviii:3 289
IV. A Luncheon Party 302
V. By the Tower of Hippicus 322
VI. Under the Eastern Stars: towards Gerizim 342
VII. The Last Meeting 356
VIII. Death Coming with One Grace 364
IX. At Walktown again 376
Epilogue 385

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