Who's Who in India Supplement 1 (1912)/Mohabat Khan, Nawab Haji

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Mohabat Khan, Nawab Haji, Khan Bahadur, Khan of Toru, Honorary Magistrate, was born early in the nineteenth century and was educated at home. His father, Khan Abdul Kadir Khan, rendered conspicuous service to Government during the Sikh Wars, in which a number of his sowars accompanied the British Army into the held. During the Mutiny he prevented the rebel sepoys of Mardan from joining the mutineers. He held jurisdiction over the area now included in the Mardan Sub-division. The Nawab himself accompanied the Waziristan Expedition. His services in the Bazdara Valley were recognized by Government. When Amir Sher Ali Khan of Afghanistan, at the beginning of the Afghan War, sent messengers to Swat to raise disturbances in his favour, the Nawab was sent to the Khans of Swat, and succeeded in retaining their neutrality. During the Chitral Relief Expedition the Nawab was in charge of the Swat Thana and his success in keeping the Swat tribes tranquil, securing their obedience and obtaining their services, were rewarded with the title of Khan Bahadur and a khilat. The Nawab again saw active service in 1897, when he was again rewarded by Government. He assisted in the regular settlement of his district, and has also been of great service to the Education Department. The Nawab belongs to the Eusafzai clan, of which he is the head. His ancestors came to Mardan with the Muslim conquerers. His estates measure some 25,000 acres. His many services to Government and the public were recognized on the occasion of the recent Coronation Durbar when the personal title of Nawab was conferred on him. Address : Torn, Tahsil Mardan. North-West Frontier Province.