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Bots (archived scripts)

This is a library of bot scripts that can be re-used for similar tasks in the future.

Pywikipedia framework[edit]


script author purpose GrafZahl integrates the endnotes of The Public Orations of Demosthenes into the text as footnotes. GrafZahl replaces a link given a list of pages.
16 .py JackPotte format the pages according some various parameters.


script author purpose GrafZahl Updates links to soft redirects, and either logs or deletes the soft redirects.


script author purpose GrafZahl Move A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism pages, place soft redirects, and control transclusion. GrafZahl Move UN resolution pages and place soft redirects. GrafZahl Move Clinton executive orders and place soft redirects.


script author purpose GrafZahl Creates a list of pages missing headers. GrafZahl Detects double redirects (soft or hard). GrafZahl Detects hard redirects incorrectly classified as soft and obtains a list of soft redirects with their targets.

Other scripts[edit]


script author purpose
User:AndreasJ/gutenbergnotes.vim AndreasJ Vim script toFormat footnotes from some Project Gutenberg files.

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