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Wikisource interlanguage links are a special type of interwiki link that link to the same document in different languages. They function similarly to Wikipedia's interlanguage links.

While there may be differences in formatting or introductory material, the pages that interlanguage link to each other should be translations of the same source document. To link to the source document, you can add an infobox with {{Wikisourcelang}} (for languages in their own subdomain) or {{Wikisourceold}} (for languages still on, a.k.a. the "multilingual Wikisource" or oldwikisource:).

It may not be possible to create interlanguage links to pages in languages that do not yet have their own Wikisource subdomain.

Is there a way to interlanguage link to a page on the multiligual/oldwikisource? Yes and no, see pseudo-language support and feature request.

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