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Second bot requests bot flag
by Pathoschild, 05 March 2006

Pathoschild has requested community support for his bot Pathosbot, which is based on the pywikipedia framework. If there is no opposition to the request, a steward will grant a bot flag Friday this week. A bot flag hides the bot from recent changes feeds, which allows for much shorter intervals between edits.

Currently, the bot edits at two-minute intervals. As detailed by its user page, it has successfully completed two tasks related to Pathoschild's open proxy project. The two tasks affected 544 pages and took just over nineteen hours to complete. The bot will be used to automate tedious tasks, notably tagging blocked proxies, converting deprecated templates to their standardised equivalents, recategorisating, et cetera.

If it is accepted, the bot will be the second authorised on Wikisource, joining ThomasBot operated by ThomasV. Unlike ThomasBot, which can be run by any user from it's talk page, Pathosbot can only be run by it's owner.

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