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Relative links activated
by Pathoschild, 15 March 2006

Relative links were activated on the English Wikisource today. The request was filed as bug 4727, and ratified by a unanimous straw poll at the Scriptorium[1]. This follows upon a recent decision to standardise article page titles in the form "Work/section/subsection"[2].

Relative links were disabled in the article namespace after a Wikipedian decision not to use a hierarchical article structure. It was argued that this decision is irrelevant on Wikisource, which collects works that use hierarchical systems such as chapters and sections. The feature allows pages to be linked together according to their hierarchical relationship using two special codes, [[/]] (down one level) and [[../]] (up one level). Since relative links are title independant, entire works can be moved without the need to update a single link. This vastly simplifies working with complex works, such as the United States Code. Example usage: ←[[../Chapter 1|Chapter 1]] | [[../|Work]] | [[../Chapter 3|Chapter 3]]→.

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