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Vote excludes reference material
by Zhaladshar, 02 May 2006
Inclusion policy

As another step towards developing Wikisource's infrastructure, a recent vote sought to amend the project's inclusion policy to exclude all reference material (such as tables of information or source code) from the Wikisource. The vote, begun on April 11 and ended on April 27, received 8 votes to exclude, 1 neutral vote, and no votes to include. The conclusion of this poll puts an end to a two-year debate about the kind of material that Wikisource does, and should, include. The multilingual Wikisource has also recently chosen to exclude reference material.

Wikisource's roughly 200 pages of reference material will slowly be phased out over the following months. This is intended to allow editors to check links on the relevant pages of Wikisource's sister projects and make the transition as smooth as possible.

For recent, in-depth discussions concerning the debate at large, please see the talk page of the inclusion policy, and the recent discussion on the Scriptorium.

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