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Second 2006 steward elections
by Pathoschild, 19 November 2006

The 2nd 2006 steward elections will be held 25 November to 15 December 2006. Starting this year, current stewards will be confirmed during the same period. A steward is a user that can grant and remove user access levels (including administrator, bureaucrat, steward, checkuser, and bot) on any Wikimedia Foundation wiki, as well as a special Oversight level on the English Wikipedia. There is typically a steward election once per year.

Candidates must obtain at least 30 votes with an overall ratio of 80% in favour. (In order to be eligible to vote, users must have a valid account on Meta with a link to at least one account on a project where the user has participated at least three months.) The Board of Trustees will handpick approximately 10-20 elected users for steward status.

New this year, candidates must be of legal age and must provide their full name and proof of identity to the Wikimedia Foundation office (for the full list of requirements, see the application guidelines). In his announcement to this effect, Brad Patrick (General Counsel and interim Executive director) stated that "Individuals who are trusted within our community may not be treated the same way if there is a lawsuit which results from a steward's actions, which is a very real possibility. As such, we cannot allow individuals who are not yet 18 to run."


This is the list of candidates as of 27 November 2006. Although candidates must provide their real name and proof of identity to the Foundation, they are not required to publicly state this information.

Username Real name
Bastique Cary Bass
Dbl2010 undisclosed
Drini undisclosed
Effeietsanders undisclosed
guillom Guillaume Paumier
Lar Larry Pieniazek
M7 Mario Benvenuti
MaxSem Max Semenik
mzlla undisclosed
Pathoschild undisclosed
Redux undisclosed
Shanel Shanel Kalicharan
Taxman undisclosed
Not confirmed
Cspurrier Craig Spurrier
Darkoneko undisclosed