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Wikisource News
Overview of October 2007
by Pathoschild, 01 November 2007

Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

New policies[edit]

The board of trustees approved several new policies this week.

  • The Donor Privacy Policy concerns the use and release of data collected during Wikimedia fund raisers. It was used in the last fund raiser, but the board forgot to formally approve until this month.
  • The Travel Approval Policy concerns Foundation subsidy of travel costs by its employees. It complements the Travel Policy.
  • The Code of Conduct Policy sets standards of conduct for Wikimedia employees.


Executive Director Committee[edit]

The board also approved the creation of an Executive Director Committee, tasked with finding, monitoring and reporting on, and (if necessary) firing an Executive Director.[1]


New admin, failed admin request, confirmations[edit]

Interesting mentions[edit]


  • Administrators
    • Special:Undelete now includes 'diff' links to show changes between two deleted revisions.



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