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The Signpost in hot water
by MJL, 01 July 2019

Special report: Controversy at[edit]

This story is a break from normal Wikisource coverage but may be of concern to many contributors. It mainly concerns the Wikipedia Signpost which is our sister publication on English Wikipedia. This article may not be particularly of interest for all readers as a result.

Recently, the Wikipedia Signpost ran a special report titled "Did Fram harass other editors?" written by its Editor-in-Chief Smallbones.

It has recently come to light that the Wikimedia Foundation Trust and Safety issued a year long ban to longtime Wikipedia administrator Fram. In the Signpost article, Smallbones wrote: "According to the T&S privacy policy the reason for the block cannot be revealed, but prior on-wiki complaints against Fram accuse them of harassing editors." You can read more about this subject in the Signpost's Discussion report.

Following an in depth investigation, published the offending piece. Initial reaction among the English Wikipedians was overwhelmingly negative, and very quickly a report on the "Incidents" subpage of the administrators noticeboard (known as "ANI") was filed by Haukurth.[1] Soon after the arbitration case request titled Disputed Signpost article was filed after Haukur's ANI report was closed with no actions taken.

Developments are still ongoing, but at presstime the Arbitration Committee seems likely to take on the case.