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To start a new mishnah page, use the following wikicode:

{{subst:Mishnah Page| seder= SEDER | tractate= TRACTATE | chapter= A | mishnah= B | subst=subst:}}

This will produce a page like the sample shown below. Make sure to replace the capitalized words with the appropriate names and numbers. Leave the last term ("subst") as shown.

Note: If the mishnah is the first or last in a chapter, you will need to go back and adjust the "previous" or "next" mishnah, as seen on these pages: Mishnah/Seder Moed/Tractate Eruvin/Chapter 1/1 , Mishnah/Seder Moed/Tractate Eruvin/Chapter 1/10 .

Users with knowledge of Hebrew may also use the parameters hebtractate, hebchapter and hebmishnah to automatically generate a link to the relevant page at Hebrew Wikisource, or simply edit the link manually after generating the mishnah page.

Sample Mishnah page[edit]

As an example,

{{subst:Mishnah Page| seder= Zeraim | tractate= Berakhot | chapter= 1 | mishnah= 2 | hebtractate= ברכות | hebchapter= א | hebmishnah= ב | subst=subst:}}

would generate:


When needed, write a short introduction to the mishnah.

Hebrew Text[edit]

‭Copy the Hebrew text and paste it here!
‭Edit it for style if necessary.

English Translation[edit]

Write English translation here, between the "<section>" tags. (visible in edit mode)


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