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The following conventions are being applied to titles, to get a more consistent style across the work.


Use the prefixes Pope, Pope St., and St., Bl. Ven. (for Saint, Blessed, Venerable). Titles of nobility are included when they are in the original.

NB: for a case like Saint Francis Mission, Saint should not be abbreviated to St. Particularly, diocese names can be such as Saint Gall and should be left in that form.

Ecclesiastical territories

Use the prefixes "Diocese of" and "Archdiocese of" wherever they occur in the original. It is much clearer to the reader, and identifies the matching Wikipedia topic more accurately, to have "Diocese of Squillace" as title, rather than "Squillace", the town in southern Italy.

This convention does not apply to titular sees.

Leading "The"

Where the original has initial text like

Aberdeen Breviary, The

it is typically no advantage to have "The Aberdeen Breviary" as a title, rather than "Aberdeen Breviary". There can be a few exceptions, but for the most part "the" which occurs to make the topic sentence more grammatical does not need to be included.