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These notes should be taken as a guideline on how to go about processing the Gutenberg text in the most efficient manner. A decent text editor is recommended to assist in editing the text quickly. Features like Regular Expression search and replace, and the ability to split the text into two individually scrollable displays are the most frequently used.

This is still a work in progress... but here's what I've got so far. GregRobson

Marking the project progress section[edit]

  • Please mark up the progress page as you go along, it's handy to know who is working on what. You may wish to pick a year and start on it to avoid working on the same one as someone else.

Extract the appropriate month from the original text[edit]

Include any headings that introduce the month if given.

Format the heading[edit]

  • Remove any indenting
  • Surround it with <center>.
  • Insert any manual line breaks <br /> required.

Formatting of headings[edit]

Take each day/entry, and turn into a level 2 heading. Remove any full stops within it. The first entry for the month may contain the name of the month. Entries should read like this example:

  • March 1st
  • 2d
  • 3d (Lord's Day)
  • 4th
  • 5th (Office day)

Formatting of entries[edit]

For the main text replace all line breaks, this is best done be selecting each block of text and doing a regular expression search and replace. Replace "\n" without quotes, with a space.

For the footnotes (indented and bracketed sections), remove the indent and do the above, but leave the brackets on for now.

Be wary of any poems or letters: don't indent them, and preserve their formatting for putting in the footnotes.

Creating the footnote section[edit]

For each footnote, move it to the bottom, putting the appropriate ref template at the point where the main text stops. Ensure that care is taken not to mess up numbering or omit sections (as it's a pain to fix!). If your text editor supports splitting the display, then do so to save on scrolling.

Note: Entries that are--[embedded in the text]--should not
be turned into footnotes. Only do the indented ones.

Tweaking formatting[edit]

  • Change & for &amp;
  • Change -- (two hypens) for — (em dash or ALT+0151 on Windows)

Creating the navigation[edit]

Use the template or an existing article as a guide, substitute the correct month/year information into the template declaration for the header.

Insert the days into the calendar table and link to the appropriate heading. (Use a split screen to help).

Other areas to note[edit]


"Indent these with the colon
and present the writer further to right."
—A. N. Other.
:"Indent these with the colon
:and present the writer further to right."
::::—A. N. Other.