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Proofreading pages of The New Student's Reference Work

Each page of OCR'ed text needs to be proofread before articles from that page are created.

Pager number and article range[edit]

What should be done with the article names range and page number at the top of each page?

  • Just delete them?
  • Use template {{NSRW-page|Page #|STARTARTICLE|END ARTICLE}}

Images and captions[edit]

Format images like they will be in the individual articles? If not, just leave the caption on a line by itself where the image would go?

Skip proofreading and do it after the text is moved to individual articles?[edit]

an option, but you need to be able to view the scanned page to be able to proofread it. So a link from the article page to the page scan image would be necessary.