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To start a new Breslev book page, use the following wikicode:

{{subst:Breslev Book Page| author= AUTHOR | Book= BOOK | chapter= A | siman= B | subst=subst:}}

This will produce a page like the sample shown below. Make sure to replace the capitalized words with the appropriate names and numbers. Leave the last term ("subst") as shown.

Template from Open Mishnah Project, to be modified for here: Note: If the mishnah is the first or last in a chapter, you will need to go back and adjust the "previous" or "next" mishnah, as seen on these pages: Translation:Mishnah/Seder Moed/Tractate Eruvin/Chapter 1/1 , Translation:Mishnah/Seder Moed/Tractate Eruvin/Chapter 1/10 .

Users with knowledge of Hebrew may also use the parameters hebtractate, hebchapter and hebmishnah to automatically generate a link to the relevant page at Hebrew Wikisource, or simply edit the link manually after generating the mishnah page.

Sample Mishnah page[edit]

As an example,

{{subst:Mishnah Page| seder= Zeraim | tractate= Berakhot | chapter= 1 | mishnah= 2 | hebtractate= ברכות | hebchapter= א | hebmishnah= ב | subst=subst:}}

would generate:


When needed, write a short introduction to the mishnah.

Hebrew Text[edit]

‭Copy the Hebrew text and paste it here!
‭Edit it for style if necessary.

English Translation[edit]

Write English translation here, between the "<section>" tags. (visible in edit mode)


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