Winesburg, Ohio

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Winesburg, Ohio  (1919) 
by Sherwood Anderson

A critically acclaimed work of fiction by the American author Sherwood Anderson, the book, published in 1919, is a collection of related short stories, which could be loosely defined as a novel. The stories are centered on the protagonist George Willard and the fictional inhabitants of the town of Winesburg, Ohio. The critical reception to Winesburg, Ohio upon its publication was positive, but it did not receive a wide readership. Among the literati, it was very highly regarded, but its sales were modest. It is now regarded as one of the finest American novels of the 20th century. Excerpted from Winesburg, Ohio (novel) on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Winesburg, Ohio[edit]

To the memory of my mother,


whose keen observations on the life about her first awoke in me the hunger to see beneath the surface of lives, this book is dedicated.


The Tales and the Persons

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