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GALE, Mrs. Ada Iddings, author and educates, was born in Dayton, Ohio A long line of Quaker ancestry accounts perhaps for one of her most prominent characteristics, an extreme conciliatoriness of nature. Her education was received in Albion College. In her early childhood her literary inclining was apparent and received careful fostering from her father, Rev. Joseph Tiddings, who was also largely her teacher. There yet remain fragments of her early fancy scrawled in a ADA IDDINGS GALE.jpgADA IDDINGS GALE. round childish hand. Her home is in Albion. Mich. A woman of family, with numerous social demands upon her time, she yet sets apart certain hours of the day for research. As a student of English history and literature she has been painstaking and has gained a remarkable proficiency in these favorite branches of study. As a dramatic reader she is far above the ordinary, and as a teacher of dramatic art she excels. She has lectured on the "Attributes of Beauty " and has ready for publication two manuscripts, one a volume of verse, the other a seventeenth century romance. Owing to the care and education of her three children, it is with difficulty she has achieved work of any great length, but her endeavor is marked by eagerness and whole heartedness.