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DOUGLAS, Miss Amanda Minnie, author, born in New York City, 14th July, 1838. She was educated in the City Iastitute in New York. In 1853 she removed to Newark, N. J., where she took a course in reading with a private tutor. In childhood she was noted tor her powers of story-telling, when she would tell her friends long tales, regular serials, that would continue for weeks. Much of her girlhood was taken up by sickness and family occupations. She was inventive, and one of her inventions, patented by herself, was a folding frame for a mosquito-net. She had no early dreams of becoming a great author. She knew Edgar Allen Poe and other conspicuous literary persons. After she had reached maturity, she began to write stories for publication, and she was immediately successful. Among her published books are " In Trust" (1866), "Claudia" (1867), "Stephan Dane" (1867), "Sydnie Adriance" (1868). "With Fate Against Him" (1870), "Kathie's Stories for Young People" (6 vols., 1870, and 1871), "Lucia, Her Problem" (1871), "Santa Claus Land" (1873), "Home Nook" (1873). "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" and "Seven Daughters" (1874), "Drifted Asunder" (1875). "Nelly Kinnaird's Kingdom " (1876), "From Hand to Mouth" (1877), "Hope Mills" (1870), "Lost in a Great City" (1880), "Whom Kathie Married" (1883), "Floyd Grandon's Honor" (1883), "Out of the Wreck" (1884), "A Woman's Inheritance" (1885), "Foes of Her Household " (1886), "The Fortunes of the Faradays (1887), "Modern Adam and Eve" (1888), "Osborne of the Arrochar" (1889), and "Heroes of the Crusade (1889). Miss Douglas has suffered much from long illness, but she Keeps up courage and refuses to be borne down by fate. She is a fluent talker and well informed on current events. She has done but little work for magazines and newspapers. Her works have beer, very popular. Her first book, "In Trust," sold 30,000 copies in a short time, but she had sold the copyright, and others reaped the benefit. She holds the copyrights of all her other books.