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WELBY, Mrs. Amelia B. Coppuck, author, born in St. Michael's, Md., 3rd February, 1819, and died in Louisville, Ky., 3rd May, 1852. She removed with her lamily to Louisville in 1835 She received a careful education, and in 1838 she became the wife of George B. Welby, a merchant of Louisville. In 1837, under the pen-name "Amelia," she contributed a number of striking poems to the Louisville "Journal," and she soon acquired a reputation as a poet of high powers. She published in 1844 a small volume of poems, which quickly passed through several editions. It was republished in 1850, in New York, in enlarged form, with illustrations by Robert W. Weir. Mrs. Welby was a petite, slender woman, dark-eyed and brown-haired. Her work is notable for its delicacy of diction, its elevation of sentiment and its fineness of finish.