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SHAW, Miss Annie C., artist, born in West Troy, N. Y., 16th September, 1852. She studied art In Chicago, 111., with H. C. Ford, and was elected an associate of the Chicago Academy of Design in 1873, and an academician in 1876, being the first woman to receive those distinctions from that institution. She has studied from nature in the Adirondack Mountains, on the coast of Maine, and in the picturesque parts of Massachusetts, for many summers. She has produced a large number of fine pictures, some of the best-known of which are: "On the Calumet " (1874); "Willow Island" and "Keene Valley, N. Y." (1875); "Ebb Tide on the Coast of Maine " (1876); "Head of a Jersey Bull" (1877); "Returning from the Fair" (1878); "In the Rye-Field" and "Road to the Creek" (1880); "Close of a Summer Day" (1882); "July Day" and "In the Clearing" (1883); "Fall Ploughing." "Ashen Days " and "The Cornfield " (1884), and "The Russet Year" (1885). Her "Illinois Prairie" was shown in the Centennial Exposition in 1876.