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STERLING, Mme. Antoinette, singer, was born in Sterlingville. Jefferson county, N. Y. She is the daughter of James Sterling, who is descended from old English stock. The first member of the family to come to the Colonies was William Bradford, who came in the Mayflower. ANTOINETTE STERLING A woman of the century (page 694 crop).jpgANTOINETTE STERLING. At an early age she showed talent for singing, and in 1862 she went to New York City, where she studied with Abella. In 1864 she went to Europe and studied with Mme. Marchesi and Mme. Virdot-Garcia. Her voice is a contralto of exceptional strength, volume and purity of tone, and she has a ranee quite unusual with contraltos. In 1873 she made her début in Covent Garden, London, Eng., in a concert given under the direction of Sir Julius Benedict. In 1874 she sang before Queen Victoria in Osborne Palace. Her training has been on Italian methods, but she admires the German school of singing. She sang before the Emperor and Empress of Germany. In 1874 she became the wife of John Mackinlay. Her husband is a Scotch-American of musical tastes. Their family consists of three children. Her home is In London.