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HENDERSON. Mrs. Augusta A. Fox, social leader, born near Tiffin City, Ohio, 17th AUGUSTA A. FOX HENDERSON A woman of the century (page 381 crop).jpgAUGUSTA A. FOX HENDERSON. May, 1843. She is the daughter of Alonzo H. Fox and Caroline A. Brownell, originally of New York, now of California. Mr. Fox was a successful "Forty-niner" and removed to Iowa with his family in 1853. Mrs. Henderson was a student in the Upper Iowa University, where she met her future husband, David B. Henderson, the able and brilliant representative of the 3rd District of Iowa since 1883. In 1866 she became Mr. Henderson's wife in West Union, the home of her parents. From there they went to Dubuque, where they now live. Alive to all the interests of the day and their ever increasing demands for attention, she has the qualities of mind and heart, a true sympathy, clear discernment and sound decision, that belong to those whom fate and fortune call out as leaders.