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McCULLOCH, Mrs. Catharine Waugh, lawyer, born in Ransomville, Niagara county, N. Y., 4th June, 1862. In 1867 her parents removed to Winnebago county, Ill., where she lived on a farm until she entered the Rockford Seminary. She was graduated from that institution in 1882 at the head of her class, and afterwards took a post-graduate course and received the CATHARINE WAUGH McCULLOCH A woman of the century (page 495 crop).jpgCATHARINE WAUGH McCULLOCH. degree of M.A.. in the same school. She then devoted some time to temperance work, in the lecture field. She was graduated from the Union College of Law, Chicago, Ill., and was admitted to the bar in 1886. She practiced law in Rockford, Ill., from that time until her marriage, on 30th May, 1890, with a former classmate in the Union College of Law, Frank H. McCulloch, since which time both have been engaged in the practice of law in Chicago, under the firm name McCulloch & McCulloch. She is much interested in all moral reforms, especially in temperance and equal suffrage, and gives as much time as she can spare from her business and her home to that kind of work. In February, 1892, she addressed both senate and house of representatives in Illinois, in committees of the whole, on the suffrage question. Before a jury and on the lecture platform there is kindled in her a power entirely above what one would expect in one so gentle and womanly. She has an inexhaustible supply of courage and energy and is always at work. Her success is the result of her own exertions. Her family consists of one son.