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CHRISTINE TERHUNE HERRICK A woman of the century (page 384 crop).jpgCHRISTINE TERHUNE HERRICK. HERRICK, Mrs. Christine Terhune, author and editor, born in Newark, N. J., 13th June, 1859, where her father was settled as pastor of a Dutch Reformed Church. Her mother is the well-known author, "Marion Harland." In 1876 she went abroad with her parents and spent two years in some of the principal cities of Europe, acquiring a knowledge of foreign languages and continuing an education which had been previously carried on under private teachers at home. After returning to this country. Miss Terhune lived for several years in Springfield, Mass., perfecting herself in English literature, Anglo-Saxon and philology. Her ambition was to teach her favorite ranches, and for a time she had a class in a private school for girls. About that time she met and became the wife of James Frederick Herrick, a member of the editorial staff of the Springfield "Republican." Early in her married life Mrs. Herrick began to write on home topics, developing the talent which has made her so well known. She has contributed to many leading periodicals and newspapers, and has published nve books, four of them on home topics, and the other a compilation of correspondence between the late Duke of Wellington and a young woman known as "Miss J." At present Mrs. Herrick lives in New York. She edits the woman's page of the New York "Recorder." Her husband is connected with another metropolitan daily newspaper. While kept very busy by her literary engagements, she does not neglect her household cares, the precepts which she teaches finding practical illustration in her pretty and well-regulated home. She has had four children, and two little boys survive. The rapidity and ease with which Mrs. Herrick turns on her literary work enables her to pay some attention to the obligations and pleasures of society. She is as clever a talker as she is a writer, and is an active member of Sorosis. Her health is unusually good and her activity and good spirits unfailing. She spends her summers in her country home, "Outlook." among the hills of northern New Jersey.