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CLARA B. RAGG.jpgCLARA B. BAGG. BAGG, Miss Clara B., pianist and music teacher, born in New York City, 26th September, 1861. Her life has been passed in her native city with the exception of a brief residence in Orange, N. J., and a residence in Brooklyn, N. Y.. where her family spent several years. She showed remarkable musical talents at an early age. and as a child she was a skillful pianist, playing difficult classical music with correct expression and great taste. When she was eleven years old, she was placed under training with competent teachers of the piano, and her progress in that art has been rapid and remarkable, her technical and expressional talents seeming to burst at once into full flower. Enthusiastic in her love of music, she has studied earnestly and thoroughly. From the last of her instructors, Rafael Joseffy, she absorbed much of that artist's power, technical skill, fire, force and delicacy. To this she adds her own talent, equipping her for success as a concert performer and as a teacher. She has become well known in the metropolis in both capacities. Although she does not intend to make concert playing her profession, she has appeared with success in Orange, N. J., in Brooklyn. N. Y. and during the winter of 1891-92 in New York City. As a teacher she is quite as enthusiastic as she is in the rôle of a performer.