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MILLAR Mme. Clara Smart, singer and musical educator, born in McConnell's Grove, near Freeport, Ill., in 1852. She was the daughter of Porter M. Smart and Sarah E. Stowell Smart. The family moved to Boston, Mass., and Clara entered the New England Conservatory of Music in that city. She studied for four years under the direction of L. W. Wheeler, and was graduated in 1870. She at once began her work with enthusiasm, and won CLARA SMART MILLAR A woman of the century (page 513 crop).jpgCLARA SMART MILLAR. success as a vocalist, making a specialty of church music as a leading member of quartette choirs connected with the prominent churches of Boston and vicinity. In 1874 she became the special pupil of Madame Kudersdorf, who urged her to make a specialty of teaching. Clara studied faithfully, and following her teacher's advice, became the exponent of the Rudersdorf system in Boston, where now, in 1892, she holds the first rank as teacher of musical vocalism. Miss Smart made a decided success in 1876 in oratorio, appearing in Music Hall with Titiens. She went to Milan, Italy, where she was so fortunate as to enjoy the teaching of San Giovanni. Returning to Boston, she again took a class of pupils, and now nearly all her time is occupied with the duties of her arduous profession, giving ninety-six lessons a week. She became the wife, in 1891, of William Millar, a business man of Boston.