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ELEANOR CHURCHILL GIBBS.jpgELEANOR CHURCHILL GIBBS GIBBS, Miss Eleanor Churchill, educator, was born in the plantation home of her parents, "Oak Shade," near Livingston. Ala. Being descended from families pre-eminent for many generations for culture, refinement and talent, Miss Gibbs possesses these in a marked degree. The Revolutionary hero, Capt. Churchill Gibbs, of Virginia, was her grandfather Through her mother she claims as her ancestor Rev. John Thomas, of Culpepper, Va. Her education was given to her principally by her mother, a very brilliant woman. She pursued her studies also in Livingston College. Later she continued her studies in higher mathematics and science under Dr. Henry Tutwiler. In 1865 she accepted the position of assistant teacher in Livingston Academy, mid in 1870 she was elected principal of the institution. In 1875 she resigned that position in order to take charge of high-school work in Selma, Ala In 1887 she resigned to accept the position which she now fills as professor of English literature and history in Shorter College, Rome, Ga. Miss Gibbs is an able, earnest, enthusiastic and successful teacher, and stands in the front rank in her chosen profession. She wields a strong and graceful pen and is a paid contributor to leading journals in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and elsewhere.