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CUSTER, Mrs. Elizabeth Bacon, author, was born in Monroe, Mich. She was married 9th February, 1864, to Major George A. Custer, afterwards known as Major-General Custer. She accompanied her husband to the seat of war in 1864 and 1865, and after the close of the Civil War she accompanied him during his service in the West, going with him through all the perils of Indian warfare and all the discomforts of soldier life on the frontier. After her husband's death at the hands of the Indians, Mrs. Custer went to New York City, where she now makes her home. She has published two volumes on her life with her lamented husband in the West. The first of these was "Boots and Saddles, or Life in Dakota with Gen. Custer" (New York, 1885), and the second, "Tenting on the Plains, or Gen. Custer in Kansas and Texas" (New York, 1887). Both were successful volumes, and "Boots and Saddles" has gone well up towards its fiftieth thousand. Her style is racy, agreeable and different from that of any other author now before the public. She has written one novel. Besides her literary work, she has won a reputation as a lecturer on frontier life, in which rôle she has appeared in New York City and in the larger cities of the Eastern, Middle and Western States. Her lectures have been given principally before schools, and they have become very popular, so that her time is fully occupied.