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COLE, Miss Elizabeth, author, born in Darien, Wis., 16th January, 1856. Her father's name ELIZABETH COLE.jpgELIZABETH COLE. was Parker M. Cole, and her mother's maiden name was Amelia Y. Frey. The latter was a descendant of the Freys and Herkimers whom Harold Frederic describes so accurately in " In the Valley." She was also a descendant of one of the early settlers of Detroit, named St. Martin, who was a man of note in those days, and whose house, built in 1703, still stands and is known as the "Old Cass House. All that concerns Amelia Cole is of interest to western people, because, like her daughter, Elizabeth, she was a well-known writer. Comtemporaneously their sketches and stories appeared in such periodicals as "Good Cheer," "Outing" and the "Current" Both were frequent contributors to the " Weekly Wisconsin. "Elizabeth Cole has also written acceptably for "SL Nicholas," "Good Housekeeping" and the " Housewife." She has done a great deal of excellent literary work, but her life has been exceedingly uneventful from the time she was born and brought up "in the edge of a little village, so small that the edge is very near the center." as she says, to the present time. Her mother died in 1889, and not long afterward she went to Pittsburgh, Pa., where she is at present living with a married sister. During her mother's lifetime the two made their home in Milwaukee. Their mutual gifts, their cheerful temperaments and the earnestness of their aims won for them many true friends in the best circles of that city.