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ELIZABETH GOADBY GREGORY.jpgELIZABETH GOADBY GREGORY. GREGORY, Mrs. Elizabeth Goadby, author, born in London, England, 25th April, 1834. She came to the United States when young. She is the only daughter of the late Dr. Henry Goadby, F. L. S., author of "Animal and Vegetable Physiology," and well known in the scientific world thirty years ago through his valuable original work in the field of microscopical investigation. Elizabeth Goadby became the wife, in 1855, of John Gregory, a civil engineer and author in Milwaukee, Wis. She has since resided in that city, and was for eleven years a teacher in the Milwaukee public schools. Her name has been familiar in newspaper literature of the Northwest since 1861, when she first began to write for the press. She has written on industrial and social topics. As a translator of French and German, in the department of fiction and biography, she has done some excellent work. She has raised to manhood a family of three sons, two of whom are still living.