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CARPENTER, Miss Ellen M., artist, born in Killingly, Conn., November, 1836. While ELLEN M. CARPENTER.jpgELLEN M. CARPENTER.

noted in school for correct drawing, it was not until 1858 her attention was called to the study of art. She first studied with Thomas Edward, of Worcester, Mass., and afterwards drew in the Lowell Institute, Boston, for several years. In 1867 she went to Paris, where she gained a new impetus in Study. From that time she has been a popular teacher, having, both in school and studio, numerous classes in drawing, water-color and oil painting. She accompanied some of her students on a Euro|x-an tour in 1873, traveling and sketching extensively. In her own country she has painted from nature numerous scenes in the South, in California and in many noted localities. In 1878 she began seriously to study face and figure, going to Europe for special work. She studied with the portrait painter, Gusson, in Berlin, for a while, and then went to Paris, where she attended Julien's and Carlo Rossi's schools. She copied portraits of several noted Masons for the Masonic Temple in Boston. Her commissions have been numerous. In 1890 she had commissions which took her to Paris, to copy "The Immaculate Conception" and "The Holy Family" by Murillo. and several of the noted modern paintings in the museum of the Luxembourg, In the same year she was in Algiers and Spain, sketching eastern life and manners, and painted several interiors from the Alhambra and Palace in Seville. Her home is in Boston.