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SCOTT, Mrs. Emily Maria, artist, born in Springwater, N. Y.. 27th August, 1832. Her maiden name was Spafard. and her ancestry on both her father's and mother's side is purely English. Her father's family came from Yorkshire. England, in the early Colonial days, with Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, and their history is connected with the struggles and privations of those early settlers. Her father was a man of sterling virtues. At an early age he left New England for western New York, where he built a home and reared a large family. From him she has derived the qualities which have enabled her to overcome serious obstacles. EMILY MARIA SCOTT A woman of the century (page 646 crop).jpgEMILY MARIA SCOTT. Educated in Ann Arbor, Mich., and married at an early age, she went with her husband, a young lawyer, to Iowa, but, his death occurring soon after, she removed to New York City with the purpose of making a place for herself among the thousand other struggling women. After studying in the Academy of Design, she went abroad for two years, copying in the galleries and continuing her studies in Rome, Florence and Paris. Since that time she has made many more trips and in Holland. France and England has lingered for months to obtain all the helps possible from those sources. She entered with enthusiasm into all the avenues for the advancement of art and was one of the organizers of the New York Water Color Club, and has been its recording secretary since its incorporation. Her unselfishness has made her career as a teacher remarkable, and she has helped many a young girl over the rough places until they were self supporting. Mrs. Scott is an accomplish linguist and has tine literary tastes.