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TUTTLE, Mrs. Emma Rood, author, born in Braceville, Ohio, 21st July, 1839, Her father was John Rood, jr., a native of Connecticut Her mother was Jane A. Miller. The ancestry is French and Welsh. The father was an advanced thinker, and the mother was a refined person of sensitive temperament. EMMA ROOD TUTTLE A woman of the century (page 737 crop).jpgEMMA ROOD TUTTLE. Emma was educated in the Western Reserve University, Farmington, Ohio, and in Hiram College, of which institution tile late President James A. Garfield was then the head. In her school-days she wrote verse. At the age of eighteen years she became the wife of Hudson Tuttle, of Berlin Heights, Ohio, where she has passed her life. Her husband is also an author. Their family consists of three children. Their son, Dr. Carl Tuttle, is a well-known ornithologist. Their daughter, Miss Clair Tuttle, is a successful actor. After her marriage Mrs. Tuttle began the exercise of her dramatic power, which is second only to that of her gift of song. A part of her repertory was her own lyrical compositions. Her earliest publication was "Blossoms of Our Spring" (Boston, 1864), which was followed by "Gazelle," a, tale of the rebellion, (Boston, 1866), " Stories (or Our Children," and a joint work with others, "The Lyceum Guide" (1870). Her last volume is entitled " From Soul to Soul " (New York, 1890. She varies her domestic and literary work with the recreations of painting and elocution.