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NEVADA, Mme. Emma Wixon, operatic singer, born in Nevada City, Cal., in 1861. Her maiden name was Emma Wixon, and in private life she is known as Mrs. Palmer. Her stage-name, by which she is known to the world, is taken from the name if her native town. Emma Wixon received a fair education in the seminary in Oakland, EMMA WIXON NEVADA A woman of the century (page 543 crop).jpgEMMA WIXON NEVADA. Cal. Her musical gifts were early shown, and she received a sound preparatory training in both vocal and instrumental music. She studied in Austin. Tex., and in San Francisco., Cal. Having decided to study for an operatic career, she went to Europe in March, 1877. She studied in Vienna with Marchesi for three years. In order to accept the first roles offered to her she was compelled to learn them anew in German. She learned four operas in German in four weeks, and overwork injured her health, in consequence of which she was forced to cancel her engagement. She remained ill for six months, and after recovering she accepted an offer from Colonel Mapleson to sing in Italian opera in London, Eng., and in 1880 she made her triumphant debut in "La Sonnambula." She was at once ranked with the queens of the operatic stage, and in that year she sang to great houses in Trieste and Florence, She was recognized as a star of the first magnitude. Her success in all the European cities was uninterrupted. She repeated her triumphs in Paris, in the Opera Comique and the Italian Opera, a concert tour and an operatic tour in the United States, in a tour in Portugal, in a tour in Spain, and in a remarkably successful season in Italy. She has a soprano voice of great range, flexibility, purity and sweetness. She is an intensely dramatic singer, and her repertory includes all the standard operas.