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DUSSUCHAL, Miss Eugenie, musical educator, born in St. Louis, Mo., 29th October, 1860. She EUGENIE DUSSUCHAL..jpgEUGENIE DUSSUCHAL. is of French parents, and, with the exception of a short course of study in New York, received her school and musical education in her native city. Her father died w hen she w as but four years of age, leaving herself and an older sister to be brought up by her mother, who was left in moderate circumstances. Eugenie showed her musical talent at an early age. The French citizens of St. Louis honored her by presenting her a gold medal after she sang the anthem La Marseillaise," at the French Fête of 1890. She has a rich contralto voice, which has kept her in church positions and before the public since her fourteenth year. For a short time she traveled with an opera Company and was most successful, but her family objected to her adopting the Stan as a profession, and she returned to St. Louis. She was appointed public school music supervisor in the fall of 1890, a position that until then had been filled by men only.