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BIRKHOLZ, Mrs. Eugenie S., author, born in Garnavillo, Clayton county, Iowa, in 1853. She is the daughter of Dr. F. Andrew, who was the first physician and surgeon, regularly licensed to practice, who settled west of the Mississippi river EUGENE S. BIRKHOLZ.jpgEUGENE S. BIRKHOLZ. and north of Missouri. He settled in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1850. Mrs. Birkholz was educated in the school of the Catholic sisters in Benton, Wis., and was in her early life a woman of original thought and sent many literary contributions to the periodicals and papers of the day. In 1881 she was married to John Birkholz, of Chicago. Ill, in which city they both resided, and whence they emigrated to Grand Forks, N. Dak., where she has since made her home. Mrs. Birkholz devotes considerable time to literary work.