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STEIN, Miss Evaleen, poet, was born in Lafayette, Ind., and has passed her whole life in that city. She received a liberal education and at an early age showed her poetic talents. Her father, the late John A. Stein, was a brilliant lawyer and a writer of meritorious verse and prose, and he directed her studies and reading so as to develop the talents which he discovered in her. EVALEEN STEIN A woman of the century (page 693 crop).jpgEVALEEN STEIN. Her training included art, and she has won a reputation as an artist of exceptional merit. She has done much decorative work for Chicago and New York societies, and recently she took an art -course in the Chicago Art Institute. She began to publish poems in local papers about six years ago, and her work at once attracted attention by its finish and mastery of form, as well as by its spirit and sentiment. She has contributed prose sketches to the local press, and has been a contributor to "St. Nicholas," the Boston "Transcript," the Indianapolis "Journal" and other periodicals. Poems from her pen have appeared in various collections, but she has never published a volume of her work. In her Lafayette home she is the center of a large circle of cultured persons.