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THOMAS. Miss Fannie Edgar, author, was born in Chicago, Ill. The death of her father threw her upon her own resources while she was only a girl. She became a book-keeper in a publishing house, and worked hard and faithfully. As a diversion she wrote a small book during her leisure hours, which she published clandestinely by the aid of a printer. FANNIE EDGAR THOMAS. A woman of the century (page 721 crop).jpgFANNIE EDGAR THOMAS. All the work was done Outside of business hours. She signed the volume with the cabalistic pen-name, "6-5-20," and the venture was successful, clearing her a comfortable sum of money. The small edition was soon exhausted. The book attracted the attention of Mrs. Ella Wheeler Wilcox, who invited the author to New York City and took her into her home. She soon became a contributor of taking sketches and essays, and the identity of "6-5-20" was established. She now uses her own full name. She has no overmastering ambition for a literary career, but her talents have already pushed her into prominence. She is now permanently settled in New York City, where she is concentrating her talents upon music and fiction.