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ADAMS, Mrs. Florence Adelaide Fowle, dramatic reader and teacher, born in Chelsea, Mass., 15th October, 1863. Her maiden name was Fowle. Her father's family, originally from England, have been for many generations residents of the old Bay State. On her mother's side she is descended from the Earl of Seafield, who was her mother's great-grandfather, and from the Ogilvies, Grants, Gordons and Ichmartins of Scotland, tracing their ancestry back to 1300. She was graduated from the Chelsea public school and afterwards attended the girl's Latin school in Boston. She learned readily, making particularly rapid progress in the study of the languages. During childhood she gave promise of great dramatic power. This, combined with her pretty childish face and happy disposition, won her much FLORENCE ADELAIDE FOWLE ADAMS.jpgFLORENCE ADELAIDE FOWLE ADAMS . attention, while it held out flattering prospects for the future. She was graduated from the Boston School of Oratory in 1884, under the late Prof. Robert R. Raymond. In June, 1888, she was married to George Adams, a direct descendant of the statesmen and presidents. Her marriage has not interfered with her chosen line of work. Naturally of a sympathetic disposition, she has devoted much time and talent to charities. Having had from time to time many pupils to instruct, she felt the need of a text-book that should set forth the principles of the Delsarte system in a form easily grasped by the student. This led to the publication of her book "Gestures and Pantomimic Action" (Boston, 1891). Mrs. Adams was her own model for the numerous illustrations used in the volume, and in this, as throughout the work, she had an invaluable critic in the person of her mother, who is also a graduate of the Boston School of Oratory. One distinguishing trait of Mrs. Adams' character is her great love for animals, not confined to a few pampered pets, but extended to the whole brute creation. Her personal appearance is pleasing. She is youthful looking and is fond of society in which she has ever been a general favorite.