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WILLIAMS, Miss Florence B., editor and publisher, born in Bryan county, Ga., 20th December, 1865. A part of her childhood was spent in Savannah, Ga. At the age of sixteen she left home to battle with the world, not from necessity, but because she was ambitious. She began her life of independence by teaching. FLORENCE B. WILLIAMS A woman of the century (page 794 crop).jpgFLORENCE B. WILLIAMS. From the age of sixteen she continued to teach, to study and to read until 1889, when she took charge of the Statesboro "Eagle," the official organ of the county. She leads a busy life. Besides doing all of the work on her paper, her social duties are many. She is numbered with the few southern girls who have braved the prejudices of their neighbors to assume the duties of an editor. Besides her regular work on her own paper, she contributes articles to the "Sunny South," "Old Homestead" and other papers. In 1892 she established the Valdosta Telescope," a news and literary paper, published in Valdosta, Ga., which gives promise of a bright future in newspaperdom for its editor, who has already achieved a prominent place among the women writers of her State.